We opened Coffee Plant Roaster in the summer of 2013, in a prime location next to Aqua Serene fish and garden store. Our vision began with the desire to serve Eugene with the freshest coffee using beans from around the world. Making the vision for our store a reality was a labor of love and took extensive renovation. Adding floor-length windows and a 30-foot counter, covering the walls with four types of wood, and selecting Balinese reclaimed-wood furniture are just a few of the many store front plans we have achieved so far. And in the back of the shop our Giesen 15 kilo small-batch roaster is displayed in all its glory. This way every customer can see and smell the delicious difference between Coffee Plant Roaster and other coffee shops.

We don’t just serve amazing coffee. We also offer freshly brewed hot and cold teas, raw juices, and Kombucha. Our bakery section sits right up front, offering freshly made scones, sweet breads, cookies, and muffins. We also consistently add new cuisine to the menu, such as daily made soups and paninis.

So, come pay us a visit. Linger and relax or grab a hot cup to go. The goal of each of our baristas and roasters is to give you the best darn cup of coffee you’ve ever had!